Basic course in gender mainstreaming

Basic course in gender mainstreaming in rural development and adequate housing programmes, October-November 2017 

The course starts on October 16, 2017. For We Effect and Vi Agroforestry staff only. 

Send your interest to join the course no later than September 27 to


As a response to the recommendations in the global Gender evaluation (Niras) conducted last year and in acoordance with the Global Strategy, the Human Resurce department in Stockholm and the Management Team has decided to give priority to capacity development of all staff in gender perspective. A capacity development package has been developed including a basic introduction to gender equality and the gender policies and strategies of We Effect and Vi Agroforestry, a basic course in gender mainstreaming and an in-depth course for gender champions in our organisations.

The courses will be repeated in 2018 and following years. 

Purpose of the gender mainstreaming course

To deepen the staff’s capacity to develop rights-based gender analyses, design mainstreaming strategies to address gender discrimination and to follow-up on gender mainstreaming in programmes. To increase the ability to support partner organisations in their efforts to gender mainstream their work. The course will be open to all staff and will consist of three modules. 

Who can participate?

The course is open to all staff. There are some basic requirement that need to be fulfilled before starting the course:

  • The participants should have assisted the basic introduction to gender equality, or gone through the material (power point, concepts, etc.) and have good knowledge of steering documents, including the global strategy of the organisation, the gender policy and its implementation strategies.
  • The course has focus on programme management and all participants need to have a basic understanding of development cooperation, programme management, civil society and partnership.

How much time will the course take?

The course will span over a period of approximately six weeks. The total time of the course corresponds to little more than one week’s work (40-50 hours), including seminars/chats, self- studies, preparations, and short assignments. The idea is that participants will read and perform tasks during ordinary working hours. The facilitation will be carried out through webinar and written inputs in shared Dropbox. 

Certificate: Once the course has been completed, the attendance and the fulfilment of the tasks has been confirmed by the facilitator, the HR unit will issue the course certificate. 

Role in the programme/office after the completed course:

Participants that have completed the course will be member of the “gender support pool” in the region/office. Participants working in our regions will have responsibility, or co-responsibility for planning and monitoring of programme gender mainstreaming and targeted gender interventions. Support to partner organisation in their planning of gender activities and in their monitoring of gender mainstreaming at project level. Participants from the Stockholm office will have responsibility, or co-responsibility, to mainstream gender perspective in their working area and support unit/department colleagues in their understanding of gender mainstreaming.

A peak of the course modules and the process of the course

Yes I am interested, what should I do?

  • In Sweden: Talk to your head of unit/department
  • In the regional offices: Talk to your regional director and human resource manager

assess together your possibility to join the course this time. You need a formal approval to particiipate in the course from your head of unit/department or regional director.

  • Send your course application in an email to with the following data: your name and current position, your previous experiences from gender work and possible gender courses or studies, and a short description on why you want to join the course.
  • Send your note of interest no later than 27th of September!
  • The course is open for 20-22 participants at the time. If needed, the facilitator will make a selection based on slots/region, function in the two organisations and previous experiences.

The course will of course be repeated, so there will be more chances!


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