FAQ Lobbyist for Change

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can nominate candidates for the prize?
Only civil society organisations and NGO:s can nominate. Individuals cannot nominate.

Are there any restrictions when it comes to geography?
No, the award is global. However, it needs to be clearly stated in the nomination which country the nominee is from and working in.

How and where do I nominate a candidate?
Go here!

What criteria needs to be fulfilled to be nominated?
The candidate should have achieved measurable results through lobbying, either in terms of alleviation of poverty or in terms of strengthened human rights.

The achievement of the candidate should be such that others can learn from it or find inspiration in it.

The candidate should be able to attend prize ceremony in Sweden.

Can you give an example of what kind of achievements Lobbyist for Change will reward?
The award aims to reward achievements such as changing legislation or impacting political decisions in order to bring long-term improvements to the lives of people living in poverty and strengthen their rights.

What is the final date for nomination?
We need your nomination before February 28, 2017.

When will the winner be announced?
The winner will be announced in May 2017.

Can we nominate someone from our own organisation?

Can we nominate an organisation?
No, organisations cannot be nominated. However, the organisation, network or project behind the winning candidate will be given the prize money of USD 10 000.

What does the award consist of?
The prize money is USD 10 000 and it goes to the organisation/project that the winner is affiliated with/nominated for. The winner will also be offered a trip to the Almedalen Week in Sweden, where the award ceremony will take place.