TOR- Consultant for Organisational Assessment Gender Equality

We Effect is looking for a consultant to assess the organisation’s gender equality achievements up to current date. This includes assessing the current ambitions of being a gender responsive organisation, moving towards becoming a gender transformative one, mainly being carried out through gender mainstreaming.

Background and Purpose

We Effect’s is an international non-governmental cooperative development organisation since 1958 with a vision of a sustainable and just world, free from poverty and hunger. We Effect’s head office in Stockholm Sweden together with five regions supports our global ambition ‘right to food for all’ through partner organisations in 20 counties in the Western Balkan, Southern and Eastern Africa, Latin America and in Asia. We Effect supports approximately 160 partner organisations, with a mix of cooperatives, membership organisations and women’s rights organisations in becoming a stronger organisation, gaining rights to food, sustainable livelihood, and adequate housing, as well as enhancing gender equality and sustainable environment and climate change.

We Effect is in a process of reviewing the organisational gender equality policy and develop a strategy supporting the implementation of a revised policy. The current gender equality policy, endorsed in 2018, will be revised to fit the organisation’s current ambition and purpose and will have the following ambitions in mind; i) a strong alignment with current ambitions in the global strategy “Stronger Together 2023-2027” which, articulates that We Effect will focus on advancing gender equality and women’s economic empowerment (WEE) through transforming gender norms; ii) set internal organisational ambitions and commitments regarding gender equality; iii) accelerate engagement, gain momentum, and clarify direction within the organisation regarding gender equality; and iv) ensure the gender equality policy becoming a co-created practical guidance.

As part of that process, We Effect is looking for a consultant to assess the organisation’s gender equality achievements up to current date. This includes assessing the current ambitions of being a gender responsive organisation, moving towards becoming a gender transformative one, mainly being carried out through gender mainstreaming. The outcome of this assignment will inform the revising of gender equality policy and strategy in aiming to advance gender equality commitments and practises within the organisation, and in external communications and relations.


• Identify good practises and gaps of addressing gender equality in programmes and operations at head office’s departments and in the five regions, by assessing:
o Relevance of gender-related work for the organisation.
o Gender awareness and gender equal practises of the organisation (institutional documents and staff at all levels).
o Language used, and women’s representation, in campaigning, communications, and advocacy products.
o Budget and fundraising (gender mainstreaming and directed towards women’s economic empowerment and rights).
o Programme management and programme planning, monitoring and evaluation in gender mainstreaming and women’s rights, including partnership assessment and capacity support.
o Human resources policies.
o Inclusiveness of work culture (intersectional and gendered) and protection against gender and intersectional related discrimination and bias.
• Develop baseline of gender sensitised attitudes and practises for the organisation.
• Provide recommendations – with suggested commitments and action points with graded prioritise (a visual) – that will inform the revision of the gender equality policy and guidelines. Recommendations reflecting operation and programme approaches based on promising/best practices to build upon and how gaps could be filled.

Deliverables & Timeline

• Inception report to be delivered no later than two weeks after signatory of agreement by both parties.
• Literature review of like-minded organisations gender equality work. Dec 2023.
• Desk review of organisational documents. Dec 2023:
o Policies including annex, position papers, guidelines, and strategies.
o Samples of tools applied with partner organisations.
o Samples of internal and external communications produced by We Effect the last three years.
• Online interviews with We Effect staff from all departments and regions, board members, and representatives from partner organisations. Dec – Mid-Feb 2024.
• Develop, disseminate, and analyse content of survey for We Effect staff, board members and representatives from partner organisations, measuring gender capacity, practises, and awareness, during end Nov 2023 – Mid-Feb 2024.
• Present findings at internal We Effect global online meeting in end of February – early March 2024.
• Final report in English (max 15 pages) including findings, visuals, recommendations, possible areas of commitments and supportive actions. The timeline of the report includes the opportunity for We Effect to provide feedback twice. Final report submitted in March 2024.


• Relevant academic and extensive work experience and knowledge in gender equality, and women’s rights in civil society organising.
• Experience in We Effects field of work such as right to food, environment and climate, cooperative development, sustainable livelihoods, and adequate housing.
• Extensive capacity in undertaking gender organisation assessment or gender audit preferably in international organisations with international and locally employed staff in the regions of We Effects operations.
• Extensive methodological capacity and experience to develop surveys and conduct semi-structured interviews creating a safe space for sharing.
• Collaborative with clear communicative skills; written and verbal English. Knowledge in other languages used in the organisation such as Swedish and Spanish is an advantage.
• Analytical skills and able to digest large amount of qualitative data.
• Illustrate strong commitments of professionalism and integrity.


• A maximum of 25 days will be renumerated.
• The assignment involves no travels and subsequently no cost related to travels will be covered.


Please submit your tender by e-mail to, no later than 19th of November 2023 including CV including reference to previous assignments relevant for the assignment, timeline, and budget where all costs include VAT. Please indicate “gender assessment” in the subject line.

For more information

Please contact, Global Advisor in Gender and Conflict.